My beliefs in a nutshell

gpThe enthusiasm and creativity that have shaped and formed my political career and this campaign are built on my belief in the potential and capabilities of our country and its people. I believe we are a dynamic population that has an innate ability to adapt, thrive and achieve.

  • Education is the key to our future and will accentuate our capabilities. I believe that we must ensure a holistic approach to education, so as to nurture and fulfill the potential of each and every one of us;
  • Universal health care must be guaranteed, whilst also ensuring maintenance and prevention of our greatest asset;
  • We must recognize the inextricable link between the environment, our health and quality of life. The onus is upon us to safeguard the environment for future generations;
  • I believe that we should take pride in and nurture our unique culture. Our culture is multifaceted, yet it also distinctly European;
  • We belong in Europe, a Europe made up of citizens, and not states. We must ensure a constructive role within Europe, where we maximize our benefits as members;
  • Our social policy must centre around providing for all members of society and protecting those who are most vulnerable, whilst also adapting to new social realities;
  • I believe in a strong economy that sustainably enables continual growth for our country, the creation of wealth that is equitably distributed, and a better quality of life for all;
  • Tourism remains an important pillar of economy, and requires the necessary investment so as to improve the product and service that we offer;
  • I believe that Information and Communications Technologies have transformed not only the way we go about our daily lives, but the services that we expect from the Government and the private sector, as well as the opportunities that are available to us, as individuals and as a country;
  • I believe that freedom remains a most fundamental value on which our community rests – a freedom that does not mean the supremacy of the individual over the community, but rather freedom that empowers the individual to grow holistically while respecting others.


EducationI believe

  • that education holds the key to our country’s future;
  • in an educational system that can provide each and every child with the tools to reach their full potential, irrespective of his/her capabilities;
  • in an educational system that can produce skilled workers to enhance the country’s competitiveness;
  • that we should be in a position to offer more opportunities locally for people to pursue their education locally at post-tertiary level (masters and doctorates) while at the same time continuing to afford the possibility of pursuing such courses overseas;
  • in an educational system that encourages parental participation to foster synergies between the school and home environment.

Above all else, I believe in an educational system that propagates a deep-rooted respect towards the environment and our national patrimony.


HealthI believe

  • in the provision of high quality health care for all;
  • that the State must ensure universality of access to all health care services being offered because a strong nation hinges on healthy people; 
  • that our country needs to attach a higher value to the sterling work being carried out by state doctors and other paramedical staff engaged with the national health care service so that these do not feel compelled to offer their services  elsewhere;
  • that the State dedicate more resources to preventative health care;
  • that we must take advantage of the world class health care service achieved so that we attract more foreign patients to receive the required care locally; 


EnvI believe

  • that environmental considerations must guide every decision that needs to be taken because that a higher standard of living is dependent on the country’s environmental quality;
  • that Government has a moral obligation to guarantee a sustainable environment and to take environment issues and future generations into consideration in all its decision-making processes; 
  • that we must have stringent deadlines to undertake improvements in a variety of sectors, such as decreasing air pollution and increasing public transport use;
  • that the afforestation process we started must not lose the momentum it gained so far;
  • that the Government must give incentives to those private enterprises that adopt work practices that ensure judicious use of natural resources and that financially back environmental initiatives;
  • that the Government must actively promote the use of renewable energies and act as a catalyst in this sector;
  • that the Government must continue to lead by example, through the “green” public procurement policy to encourage a greater take-up of environment-friendly products;
  • that Government continues to extend its support to Eko-skola, the international initiative designed to encourage  schools to reduce their environmental impact on the community;
  • that the Government must continue to work closely with voluntary organizations without renouncing its responsibilities.
  • Above all, I believe that increased investment in the environmental sector will eventually lead to decreased expenditure in the public health care sector.


CultureI believe

  • in the capabilities of Maltese and Gozitan artists;
  • that culture should be given the importance it deserves and should form an integral part of the school curriculum;
  • that the State should support Maltese talent and should create opportunities for these talents to flourish both locally and overseas;
  • that we should set up local educational institutions specialized in dance and applied arts;
  • that we should nurture the  innate creativity found in every individual by widening their cultural perspective.
  • Above all, I believe that our European culture, with its Semitic undertones, makes us a unique nation with a distinctive identity only we can call our own.


EuI believe

  • that we belong in Europe
  • that Europe is an interweaving of peoples not states;
  • that European institutions need to strengthen their links with citizens so that European values can be further disseminated
  • that we must continue to capitalize on membership to bring our standing of living at par with that of the most prosperous countries in Europe
  • that Europe is open to the rest of the world and  is not  an insular fortress
  • that Europe should have a common foreign policy, which must be pro-active in the search of peace and the worldwide spread of the common good .   

Social Policy

Social PolicyI believe

  • in a society in which no-one lags behind;
  • in a social policy that assists in the formation of families and  offspring because a nation without offspring is a nation with stunted growth;
  • .that it is only a ‘youthful’ society that can guarantee the provision of pensions for the elderly and assistance for those in need;
  • that we must overcome the obstacles that deter the growth of the family and therefore we must provide housing and adequate social services, together with gainful employment, thus  ensuring personal dignity;
  • that we must reconcile the role of women as mothers and as part of our labour force;
  • that we must be trained in stress control to empower us to confront difficult situations without resorting to bad practices that will destroy us;
  • that one of our main targets should be keeping our elderly population active and offering a personalized support to those who become dependent on it;
  • that people with special needs must integrate themselves further in a society that provides physical accessibility and full accessibility to the spheres of education and employment.
  • Above all, I believe that we need to address new social realities, such as single-parent families and same sex relationships.


RallyI believe

  • in free thought and freedom of expression;
  • that freedom does not mean the supremacy of the individual over the community, but rather freedom that empowers the individual to grow holistically while respecting others;
  • that freedom is also tantamount to  security – freedom to take a country stroll without feeling threatened,  freedom to manage a business concern without unwelcome State interference; 
  • that freedom also means that the State embraces the principle of public participation in the formulation of its policies.
  • Above all, I believe in the freedom of local institutions to safeguard citizens’ rights against the arrogance of those few who think they can ride roughshod over the wishes of the majority.  


ITI believe

  • that ICT is a first class tool to create job opportunities;
  • that with substantial investment in state-of-the-art information systems we can safeguard our competitive edge in this field;
  • that information systems must be used to provide optimal access to information, including information relating to the workings of Government Departments and parastatal organizations;
  • that we should equip our country to excel in the provision of IT services in the region, by attracting research and development units of multinational companies to our shores;
  • in investing in our people to become a leading knowledge-based society.

Economy and Sustainable Development

EconomyI believe

  • in a strong economy that enables continual growth for our country and a better quality of life ;
  • that the Government must re-invest the wealth it generates into strategic sectors that will guarantee that our country’s competitive edge;
  • that a strong economy should not only target the creation of wealth but also assures its equitable distribution;
  • that Government must divest itself of its operative function or alternatively, it must seek opportunities aimed to improving its effectiveness, through different forms of partnerships with the private sector;
  • that Government’s function must be limited to facilitating economic growth and regulating the operations of the industry players. 
  • Above all, I believe that the economy must assure that the development of our nation’s economy continues in direct correlation with social and environmental development.


TourismI believe

  • that tourism is one of the most important pillars of our economy and provides a livelihood to tens of thousands of the population;
  • that  we must  inject much more capital into the infrastructure of our country’s historical heritage to enhance our uniqueness as a destination;
  • that we need to offer services that accommodate tourists and not the other way round;
  • that an institution like the ITS must continue to benefit from the necessary backing to attract high calibre staff and form strategic partnerships with counterpart institutions overseas;
  • that the Government must devise infrastructural improvement programmes for those localities that welcome tourists in their midst;
  • that we must increase the opportunities for tourists to savour  Maltese and Mediterranean dishes ;
  • that we must join forces with neighbouring countries to offer multi-destination holiday packages.

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