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George Pullicino makes his utmost to keep in touch with his constituents. One way to do so is through various social media. George Pullicino’s blog has now been running since 2007. George is also present on twitter, facebook, linkedIn and other social media. George Pullicino is not using the social media to just share his own messages but also to respond to questions and comments posed by the electorate.

These tools aren’t everything. The best contact is direct and face to face. Yet, we would be naïve not to realise that we are living in a country where there are over 134,000 broadband subscriptions – up by 6.3 per cent since 2011. After a day of work and home visits, George sits down in front of the computer to respond to the numerous messages he receives, both on Facebook and via e-mail. He does his best to respond as quickly as possible to those who communicate with him.

Next Thursday 22nd November, George Pullicino will be on Facebook to answer your questions and discuss with you what the priorities of government should be in the coming years. Sign in on Facebook at 8:30pm and let’s chat!

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