The responsible choice


A responsible government increases wealth, provides incentives for those who may create employment, provides training for the jobs of the future and supports those who are most in need. In my opinion, yesterday’s Budget has done all this.

A Budget for today that prepares us for tomorrow, as the Nationalist Party has consistently done while in government, a Government that, having worked responsibly, is now in a position to continue to strengthen what has been achieved so far and continue to improve the quality of life for all the Maltese and Gozitans.

A Budget that offers a concrete vision and programme for the future.

It is a Budget that is almost unbelievable at this moment in time when the world is still reeling from the consequences of an unprecedented financial crisis.

While neighbouring countries are facing an uphill struggle and austerity, we are offering a package that will continue to improve our quality of life and that of our children.

Other governments are reducing wages and social services and facing record unemployment figures. We are announcing increases in children’s allowance, reductions in income tax, measures and incentives for women who work and for businesses.

These are a wide range of proposals from a Government that is full of ideas as to how it will continue to guide this country forward in the midst of the surrounding storm.

With regard to my ministerial responsibilities, this is once again a Budget that is investing millions of euros in restoration projects and public spaces.

Measures were announced that promote clean energy, provide assistance and investment in the farming and fisheries sectors and invest in waste management, the conservation of water and animal welfare.

The Budget is a gauge for the health of the Government and the country. This Budget continues to confirm that this is a strong country led by a government that offers and implements the best policies. It is a government that takes responsible decisions.

In a few months, the people will be asked to make their choice. I am confident that this, too, will be a responsible decision for our children and us.  

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