This is it. Let’s go for it!


The date of the general election has now been announced!  In order to win on Saturday 9th March 2013 we need your help. Yesterday I held the first meeting with several constituents who committed themselves to help out.

It is now the time to get involved too. There are several things you can do including organise home gatherings, help with home visits, street coordination, write articles, phone calls, prepare letters for mail shot, door to door distribution of mail shot, help during area meetings, help with transportation, organise activities for youth/elderly/family/children, performer (musician, actor, dancer, singer, DJ) during events, clerical work, other office work, collection of date, social networking, research, marketing and promotion, catering, cleaning, coordinate gifts collection, photography, data inputting, graphic design, setting up for events, others

This really is it. If we stick together, then we can win again. Yet we need your help to make this happen.

Click here to get in touch, email us on or phone on 79062222.

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