Creativity and Enthusiasm: George Pullicino’s electoral campaign slogan


Creativity and Enthusiasm is the slogan chosen for George Pullicino’s electoral campaign.  These are two adjectives that perfectly capture George’s political work.  They are also a guarantee of more years of hard work in the service of his constituents and the Maltese people.


His creativity is epitomized by the projects that he delivered on behalf of the government in recent years.  He delivered new ideas for our country that were realised by projects that returned space and activity to families.  Originality and vision is also needed in the implementation of proposals, plans and policies, and George has always been at the forefront in this regard.


On the other hand, enthusiasm is George’s main characteristic. Enthusiasm that left an indelible mark through the work done in the various positions that he has been entrusted with over the years. It is this enthusiasm that has led him to offer his services once again in the upcoming General Elections. Enthusiasm that also comes from the fact that he has been loyally committed to the party that has proved to have the best vision for the country and its people.  As your representative in Parliament, George promises you Creativity and Enthusiasm in his work, so as to create more wealth for you, for your children, and for our country.

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