George Pullicino launches new website


In 1996, George Pullicino was the first Nationalist Party candidate to set up a website for the general election. In a comment he had given to In-Nazzjon at the time, he had said that “information technology is providing an opportunity for faster communication”.

The internet then was not yet used by the masses as it is today but it had already become a rapid means of communication. Today, we are living in a digital age, where almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet or laptop and the internet has become an effective, real time method to communicate and keep up to speed with the world around us.

George Pullicino has now launched this completely new website, one that is more user friendly and interactive. Through this site one can be informed about George Pullicino, his beliefs and his initiatives, be involved in the campaign team (Team GP) and be in touch with George Pullicino himself through emails and all other social media. 

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